MonitAir predicts lung attacks and gives advice

  • a validated CE-certified solution for COPD patients at risk of lung attacks
  • a self-learning application based on an AI model
  • able to predict lung attacks several days in advance, and explains how to reduce or avoid the impact of
    an attack

Operation of app Information for healthcare providers

How does it work?

MonitAir uses a number of measurements you take and powerful software on your phone or tablet to predict if you’re likely to have a lung attack within the following few days. MonitAir gives you advice on how to minimise the unpleasant consequences of a lung attack.

  • Measurement of temperature

    Temperature is measured with the forehead meter.

  • Measurement of oxygen saturation & heart rate

    Oxygen saturation and heart rate are measured with the oximeter.

  • Measurement of exhalation rate

    The spirometer measures the FEV1.

  • Enter results in questionnaire

    After the questionnaire is completed with the measurements, advice is given.

Downloaded more than 1000 times!

Together with COPD patients and researchers from the Radboudumc in Nijmegen, we worked for a long time on the MonitAir app. We are therefore very pleased that we have won the 2nd prize for the Medical Inspirator Award 2017. The app has already been downloaded more than 1000 times!

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How the app works

The system estimates the risk of a lung attack, and provides you with advice. You enter various data in the app twice a week, following which a diagnosis appears on the screen of your phone or tablet. It lets you know whether everything is fine, or if your lung capacity is deteriorating. If it is deteriorating, it provides you with specific advice.

Early warning of a lung attack

The self-test identifies a lung attack at a very early stage, before you feel it yourself. The software does this by analysing answers to questions about respiratory and other symptoms, in combination with biofeedback (lung capacity, oxygen saturation and body temperature), and it also learns from your previous lung attacks.

Immediate personalised advice

After the self-test, you are provided with personal treatment advice, which avoids you having to constantly contact your healthcare provider.

Reduces the severity and duration of a lung attack

Scientific studies have shown that early warnings and prompt action reduce the severity and duration of lung attacks, improve patients’ lives, prevent complications, and reduce healthcare costs.

Easy to use

Easy-to-use self-test (via the MonitAir app) on phone or tablet. The self-test learns and evolves by analysing the data you enter.

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